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AC/DC revival - Bon Scott memorial band was found in 2001.

The band is not just another stillborn imitation, which abound around us recently. As it is obvious from the name, the main intention of Olomouc musicians was to realize a project, that would recall and revive the distinct and unforgettable personality of the famous AC/DC singer Bon Scott.

To master the challenge, the two main tasks which form the basis of the AC/DC music show have to be fulfilled – the role of the singer and solo guitar player.
Unbelievably authentic voice of the singer Mirek Matušů, precise solos of the experienced lead guitarist Pavel Andree, both enhanced by the perfect rhythmical section of the guitarist Marek Němec, bass-guitarist Miloš Loun and drummer Aleš Muller ranks AC/DC revival – Bon Scott memorial band among the renowned and the most sought-after revival projects in the Czech Republic.

The band has been performing in the rock clubs all around the Czech Republic, on bikers’ rallys and summer festivals for several years. Its’ concerts last more than two hours and hits like Highway to Hell, T. N. T, Whole Lotta Rosie, Touch Too Much, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Let There Be Rock, Jack, Shot Down in Flames, Sin City and others in the interpretation of the singer and the band almost perfectly „transfer“ you to the 1970’s.

The performance of the AC/DC revival – Bon Scott Memorial Band can be ordered on the e-mail address and telephone stated on the website. Here you can also find samples from the AC/DC – Bon Scott Memorial Band’s CD, which according to the fans’ and critics’ opinions is very successful and can also be ordered.


Pavel Andree

Zamykalova 26

Olomouc   779 00

Tel.: +420 777 253 303